Friday, November 1, 2013

Another Round Robin Piece finished!

Its November 1st (Happy Birthday to my sweet Grandma Betty in Heaven) and my TOL round robin partners and I are a bit ahead of the game so I'm finished with the second pass. WOO HOO! Happy Happy Happy! Pictured is the Martian Hootie I stitched for Margie's piece. The pattern can be found here Hooties In Space .  These little cuties are fast easy stitches. Margie is having us stitch our hooties on separate squares and when she receives them back she plans on making a patchwork quilt with them. I can't wait to see the finished product.

 Happy November everyone!


Joanna Glabinski said...

Yay November! I see someone changed their blog look :). You will have to help me change mine around, I have been having such a problem with it recently! Thanks for a fun night last night! Love you!

KIM said...

Thanks for coming over! We had a great time too :)
You need to come visit more often and maybe we could do some games next time. I have one I want to learn to play.

Changing the blog look was easy. I found a different place for backgrounds (but I'd still like to explore even more) and they make it uber easy to change it up. I'll show you next time we are at one or the others house.

Love You!