Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Stitching

An un-ironed Chessie and Me sampler. As always its much prettier in person because my iPhone thinks more light is needed and dulls out the colors a bit. I changed many of the colors in this piece and used all different types of silks. It was a fun fast stitch. Of course I didn't add the little cat Chessie and Me are known for but I'm really not a cat person. The pattern was gifted to Eva and I can't wait to see her finished piece too!

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

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Eva said...

Thank you, Kim, for gifting me with this chart and some of the silks....I have it all kitted up and wanted to finish it in 2013 but as usually, my plans were too big, and there is never enough time to stitch. I hope to stitch it in 2014, though!